How To Write Poetry

Even if you Haven’t Written or Read a Poem Since High School!

From light-hearted Limericks to contemplative Haikus, to Performance poetry, Free Verse, Fixed Verse, through to the hottest Instapoetry… you’re about to discover the secrets to becoming a skilled and confident poet!

Poetry is one of humankind’s oldest art forms and most rewarding pastimes. Yet it’s also one that causes the most confusion and frustration!

Perhaps you’ve tried to write poetry, but found it difficult or frustrating?

Maybe you’ve read poetry, but found most poems overly complex or too pretentious to enjoy?

Or, like many people, perhaps school simply sucked the love and life out of poetry – and you’ve never looked at another poem since?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading because we’re about to unleash your inner poet – even if the last poem you read was Dr. Seuss!

lady writing poetry
happy girl reading poetry
social media poetry

The Rise of the Social Media Poet

Poetry has taken social media by storm. Micropoets are regularly trending on Twitter. Insta-poets are attracting millions of followers. And many have landed lucrative endorsements and publishing deals.

Even big-name brands like Microsoft and Coca-Cola are embracing poetry to sell their products in advertising and on billboards and packaging.

We live in exciting times for poetry!

And what’s even more exciting is that learning how to write poetry makes you a much better all-round writer:

Poems are perfect warm-up sessions for writing longer fiction. Many top authors started out with poetry.

Poetry gives you a deep mastery of the English language that no other form of writing can give you.

Poetry teaches you a whole host of clever techniques, cunning tricks, and devices that add more oomph to your words.

Writing poetry gives you the skills to communicate complex ideas succinctly.

With its combination of beautiful words, wonderful sounds and remarkable tricks and techniques, poetry can deliver a message with deeper meaning, stronger imagery, and more emotional connection than any other type of writing – and in fewer words.

As novelist W. Somerset Maugham said:

“The crown of literature is poetry!”

W. Somerset Maugham

girl reading poetry

Poems make wonderful, personalized gifts too. In an age when everybody has everything they already need, what could be better than giving your loved ones an exclusive poem they’ll treasure forever?

Writing poetry also improves your mental wellbeing. It allows you to express yourself and set your innermost thoughts and feelings free.

And as we’ll soon demonstrate, writing poetry really isn’t difficult when you know the right tricks and techniques!

Poetry is an art and a craft, which anyone can confidently master. Including you.

But, like anything worthwhile, you need to learn your craft first…

Introducing the Write Poetry Course!

Write Poetry is a comprehensive and engaging step-by-step course with practical exercises throughout. It takes you from complete beginner to confident, skilled, and respected poet.


12 Modules

CPD Certificate

40 Exercises


Poetry Worksheets


12 Modules


40 Exercises


Poetry Worksheets

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your Limericks from your Acrostics, or your Nonets from your Sonnets because you’re about to learn everything, from the very basics to the more complex concepts through 12 highly engaging and easy to follow course modules.

Click THE MODULE headings below TO LEARN MORE:


Introduction to Poetry

In Module One, you’ll be introduced to the exciting world of poetry. You will begin your journey by diving into poetry genres where you’ll discover the 20 most popular poetry forms. You’ll understand the key elements that make a poem and you’ll learn how to become a poet before you write a single word.

Throughout this first comprehensive module, you’ll get to see lots of vibrant, hand-picked examples, confidence-building exercises, and tools such as our Poetry Analysis Starter Sheet, which have been designed to get you started quickly.

Beginner’s Guide to Poetry

Module Two lays the foundations, starting with the six building blocks of poetry. You’ll learn how to transform your rambling thoughts and wild words into poetry that’s worthy of sharing. You’ll identify which poem structure is suitable for you and you’ll have your first stab at writing a poem!

This is a module packed full of tips, tricks, and intriguing secrets, (such as the poetry trick hit songwriters use to compel you into singing their lyrics out loud!) and much more.

The Language of Poetry

In Module Three, you’ll discover the techniques and tools for picking the right words and making them work as hard as possible.

You’ll discover how to transform dull everyday phrases into language that’s powerful. And you’ll get our Power of Imagery Worksheet which brings your poems to vivid life.

You’ll get our insider’s list of ‘200 Beautiful Words’ that you can take and deploy in your own poems. And you’ll work through lots of fun exercises and challenges, including our Best Words Game.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family start calling you a ‘walking thesaurus’ after this poetic language masterclass!

Rhythm and Rhyme

In Module Four we throw ourselves into the rhythm and rhyme of poetry.

Not all poems rhyme, but plenty do, and it takes skill to rhyme well. By the end of this module, you will understand the structures, rhyming schemes, and rhythmical patterns of poetry so that you can quickly craft your own rhyming poems.

You’ll become an expert at selecting not just words that rhyme, but words that have the right context and meaning too.

This is a module where you really start to flex your poetry muscles to new levels. It includes lots of clear instructions and specific examples, exercises and tools, such as our Rhyming Worksheet. Rhythm and rhyme will never again be a problem for you after this packed module!


The Poetry of Sound

When used skilfully, sound can amplify your imagery and provoke a stronger emotional response from your readers. In Module Five, we’ll reveal the simple but clever sound devices which instantly improve the sound of your words and add sparkle to your poetry.

You’ll be privy to our carefully chosen repetition tricks that make your writing more memorable, and you’ll be able to test your newfound skills with our Repetition Rules Worksheet.

This comprehensive module includes lots of fun exercises, special challenges, and worksheets that make your poetry dramatic, vibrant, and much more satisfying to read!

Voice, Tone, and Dialogue

In Module Six you will master the art of using dialogue and speech in your poetry.

We’ll cover voice, tone, and dialogue in considerable depth and how to use it effectively, with lots of clear examples. By the end, you will have learnt the different voices you can use in your poetry, whether it’s your own or a dramatic persona.

We’ll also equip you with our go-to list of Poetic Tone Words for inspiration, and you’ll get our special fill-in-the-blanks Easy Autobiography Sheet where you’ll learn how write a poem about yourself in the first-person perspective!

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Click the module headings below:

Finding Inspiration For Your Poetry

In Module Seven, we’ll unleash your imagination and empower you to turn your own life experiences into stunning poetry that is memorable, impactful, and full of exquisite imagery!

You’ll discover how to use poetry as a therapeutic outlet for your emotions, a time capsule for your memories and a sounding board for your beliefs. By the end of this packed module, you’ll be much more receptive to the world around you and you’ll see how top poets use their surroundings to inspire and inform their work.

You’ll also get 290 special poetry prompts that give you a feast of ideas for your poems, as well all the tips, tricks and exercises you need to become a truly great poet.

Writing Fixed Verse Poetry

Fixed verse gives you an excellent framework to get started in poetry. From haikus to sonnets, and you’ll have the opportunity to use regular metres that put a rhythmic spring in your poetry step.

Module Eight is packed with templates to help acquaint you with couplets, tercets, quatrains, and many other great forms. These carefully crafted templates will help you finesse your fixed verse poetry skills.

This is a vital and packed-to-the-brim module. And by this stage of the course, you’ll possess all the knowledge you need to get started on serious poetry writing!

Writing Light Verse Poetry

In Module Nine, we’ll have some good playful fun with light verse poetry!

In this delightful module, you are going to embrace the art of nonsense and learn how to write hilarious poems for both adults and children.

You’ll discover clever techniques for creating your own absurd words, and you’ll learn how to write poems that are full of gobbledygook, yet still make sense!

Throughout this brimming module, you’ll learn how to write laugh-out-loud limericks, you’ll have fun with puns, and you’ll let loose with some creative silliness! And throughout we’ll provide you with lots of templates, exercises and examples that develop and refine your funny bone.

Writing Free Verse Poetry

Even poetry with almost no rules needs structure. In Module Ten, you’ll master the art of free verse poetry and the structures and standards you need.

We’ll also manoeuvre you through all the styles of poetry that use free verse, including the hugely popular area of Performance Poetry.

This module will introduce you to forms you may not have heard of before and we’ll bring you bang up to date with modern free verse poetry styles that have taken social media by storm, including how to write micropoetry for Twitter, and how to write Instapoetry. Plus, you’ll get our 10 Micropoetry Prompts.

By the end of this adventure in free verse, you’ll never fear a rule-free, blank page again!

Writing, Editing, and Reading Your Poetry

In this comprehensive module, you’ll learn how to confidently write, edit, and critique your own work, like a pro.

We’ll show you how to write poems for a wide range of audiences from infants, children, young adults, and adults. You’ll discover how to choose the perfect poem title, how to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage most beginners, and you’ll get the pro tricks and tips for reading your poetry aloud, so that you can perform like a professional.

You’ll also get our Editing Checklist, which you can refer to time and time again. We’ll end the module with some challenges and a Poetry Editing Exercise that hones your skills.

By the end of this packed module, you’ll know the steps for taking any rough and ready poem to a polished work of art.

Getting Your Poetry Published

So, you’ve finally written your first poem, now what?

In Module Twelve, we’ll walk you through the entire process of getting your poetry published step-by-step. By the end of this module, you’ll have an action plan and know how to submit your manuscript correctly (so that it actually gets read by the publisher).

We’ll guide you in writing your cover letter and coach you through how to turn a sole-destroying rejection letter into a positive experience.

Included in this final module is a list of poetry magazines, small presses, and big-name publishers to jumpstart the submission process.

Each lovingly crafted module is brim-full of hands-on exercises, delightful examples, engaging insights, helpful worksheets, easy instructions, and simple explanations that teach you the nuances of poetry from the ground up.

Best of all, the course is simple, elegant, easy to absorb, and fun to work through.

If school made poetry dry and boring, then the Write Poetry course is your antidote!

Poetry isn’t some mysterious art form for literary elites or the intellectually gifted. Anyone can become a poet – especially you.

reading poetry
writing poetry

Shake off any doubts you have about your poetry writing potential. The good news is that you already have the basic skills – you just need to level up.

As you work through the Write Poetry course, complete the exercises, and absorb the patterns, tricks, and techniques that we reveal, you’ll be astonished by how much your appreciation of poetry deepens.

You’ll be amazed how quickly your language skills broaden, and how you are learning more about poetry than you ever thought possible.

People will believe you’ve been writing poetry for years!

man writing poetry on iPad
female performance poetry

In a short period of time, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools you need to craft your own original poems about anything and everything: objects, nature, people, hobbies, work, feelings, food, love, birth, death and more.

Such will be your skills and confidence that you could write a poem about a speck of dust on your desk, or the entire universe. And at the drop of a hat, you can be funny or serious.

It’s your turn to join the growing legion of respected poets with the Write Poetry Course!

Where your English classes failed you, the Write Poetry course demystifies the complexities of poetry so that you can embrace the beauty of the English language and gain mastery of one of the oldest and most enjoyable art forms.

We’ve poured everything we know about writing and teaching poetry into this engaging, new, online course.

Best of all, you’ll be learning how to write poetry all from the comfort of home, from your phone, tablet, PC or Mac, and in your own time, at your own pace.

We’ll be with you every step of the way providing you with all the expert guidance, tools, tips, tricks, techniques, and inspiration you need to write incredible poetry, and if you wish, get it published.

Any Device


Any Time

If you’re ready to become a skilled and respected writer by learning the art and craft of poetry – then don’t waste any more time. You owe it to yourself to get the best possible guidance you can, while sidestepping the frustration that so many other aspiring poets experience when they attempt to read or write poetry without the proper training.

Instant Lifetime Access + 3 Bonuses Worth

Hit the buy now button below and join thousands of beginner poets who are getting the inside guidance and enviable skills of being able to craft beautiful poetry.

Everything is packed into twelve easy-to-follow and highly engaging course modules. On top of this you’ll get some valuable course bonuses that help make learning and writing poetry even quicker and easier.

The Write Poetry online course is a fraction of the cost of most poetry writing courses and workshops and comes with 24/7 lifetime access. We’re positive this will be the best decision you make on your poetry journey.


Here’s what you are getting today:

12 Module Write Poetry Course
FREE Printed Course Textbook (Value )
BONUS 1: 40 Poetry Development Exercises (Value )
BONUS 2: Poetry Worksheets (Value )
BONUS 3: Premium foil seal embossed Certificate of Achievement (Value )
Lifetime access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really learn how to write poetry?

Yes, you can. Just as Pablo Picasso believed there was an artist in everyone – child or adult – so there is a poet too. We’ve broken down all the components across a wide range of poetry styles and created the most comprehensive and easiest-to-follow poetry course available.

Even if you haven’t written or read a poem since high school, by module two you’ll be writing poems that are worthy of sharing. And by module twelve you’ll have more knowledge than 99% of poets.

Who is this poetry writing course suitable for?

We have designed this course for complete beginners to poetry, but even keen amateurs will be introduced to new techniques and learn ways to refine and perfect their poetry.

Through the Write Poetry course, you’ll be taken from the very basic steps right through to the more complex aspects of poetry.

Whether you want to write laugh-out-loud limericks for your kids, heart-wrenching sonnets for your loved ones, villanelles for worthy causes, or serious poems that get published. You’ll discover all the tools, tricks and techniques to do it – and so much more.

Will this course teach me how to write poetry for children?

Yes. As well as the ‘grown up’ side of poetry, the Write Poetry course also covers how to write poetry for children and young adults.

If you’re interested in writing poetry for children in particular, then you’ll be delighted to know that we cover a range of age groups, including:

– How to write poems for children aged 3 – 12.
– How to write poems for teenagers and young adults.

In each of these categories, you’ll learn the lingo you must use when writing poetry for children. You’ll learn how to include the right linguist details, like pauses, tone and interjections. You’ll discover which style of humour works best for each age group (and which type of humour you should avoid) and so much more.

You’ll also get comprehensive resource lists of children’s poets you should study in each of these age groups. We believe we’ve created the most complete training program for poets available.

Can I use this course to teach others how to write poetry?

Yes. Teachers and parents, in particular, will rejoice at how we have taken a fairly complex and dry subject, such as poetry, and made it interesting and easy to learn through simple step-by-step instructions, clear examples, and plenty of worksheets and exercises.

This course will be especially useful for homeschooling parents trying to give their teenagers some semblance of a classical education in poetry.

It will also be beneficial for parents who want to help their kids with poetry and English language homework.

Will I learn how to read and comprehend poetry as well as write it?

Yes. It’s difficult to be a good poet if you don’t read poetry! Unfortunately, for the uninitiated, reading and comprehending poetry can be a painstaking experience. 

But, with every module of the Write Poetry course, your technical knowledge will increase, your interpretative skills will improve and your appreciation and enjoyment of poetry will deepen. You’re about to get a masterclass in reading, analysing and enjoying poetry.

Do I have to do the poetry exercises in the course?
No. Each carefully designed exercise and worksheet is optional and is there only to support your learning. However, if you actively participate by completing the exercises and worksheets, then you will reap the full benefit of the course and gain mastery much sooner.
Remember, you have lifetime access so you can work through the course and exercises at your own pace.

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