Imposter Syndrome: From (feeling like a) Fraud to (feeling) Fierce

You are a writer. Whether you’re published or not, writing makes you a writer. Your passion to tell stories makes you a writer.

Have you ever experienced that inner voice telling you you’re not a good writer? Perhaps you doubt your skills or ability to be a writer. If this sounds familiar, this webinar is for you. 

Imposter syndrome shows up at any stage in your writing journey. In this webinar you will learn how to:


  • Become more comfortable with sharing your writing
  • Deal with negative comments from family or friends
  • Hear the word “no” from editors/publishers
  • Set controllable goals
  • Have confidence every step of the way
  • Regain confidence after a successful publication
  • Fall back in love with writing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this free writing webinar and the paid courses you offer?

There are some notable differences between this free writing webinar and our paid-for courses:

1. This is a pep-talk with our tutor Brittany Pomales. In our regular text based courses, typically more stages and more detail is involved and you can work at your own pace.

2. This is a much shorter course than our paid-for courses, which typically include 12+ modules with many hours of training.

Even so, this free writing webinar is packed with learnings, tips and techniques that will improve your skills and confidence. 

Why is this webinar free?
This writing webinar is free because we understand that not everybody is in a position to invest in our more in-depth training courses.

This free webinar is not designed to replace our range of extensive writing courses, but it will give you plenty of valuable guidance and real-world insights into being a writer.

This is ideal if you are new to writing and want to find out a little more before investing any time and money into learning more.

Do I need any writing experience or qualifications?
No prior knowledge, experience or qualifications are required to take this course. The course has been designed for everyone from absolute beginners to keen amateurs; we have assumed nothing in advance. The language used is designed to be simple to understand and the course interface intuitive and easy to follow with no complicated jargon.

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